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The institute is approved centre of UK based Edexcel Enterprises. It is offering 2 years diploma program in Geomatics with specialization in Surveying & Mapping. The aim of the institute is to develop indigenous caliber by providing training to Omani nationals in the diversified field of Geomatics and its related subjects such as topographical surveys, cartography, photogrammetry and GIS. .

Sr Course Number of Times Duration Timing
Start Ends
1 Diploma of Geomatics Surveying & Mapping 15,16 2 2 Years Sep, 2016 Jul,2018
Sep, 2017 Jul,2019
2 Foundation Course 1 5 Months 15, July 24, May
3 GPS and Map Reading course 2 3 Weeks 8, Jan 26, Jan
4, Sep 22, Sep
4 Basic GIS Course 2 8 Weeks 26, Mars 18, May
13, Aug 5, Oct
5 Advance GIS Course 2 4 Weeks 28, Jan 23,Feb
28, May 22, June
6 Survey Technician Course   6 Weeks    
7 English Courses   6 Months    

Diploma of Geomatics Surveying and Mapping

2 years' diploma course is a full time taught course. It is comprehensive practical oriented program. Main subjects covered are topographical surveying, cartography, photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS, GPS, mapping at various scales, general English and mathematics.


Foundation Course

4 months' course was conducted to develop the candidates for national diploma course. Main emphasis is given to develop and improve general English with communication skills and basic mathematics.


GPS & Map Reading course

3 weeks' course was offered to expose the uses of hand held GPS navigation and map reading techniques.


Basic GIS Course 8 weeks

This is basic GIS course run for full time 8 weeks duration. It exposes in detail the uses of tools and commands of ArcGIS software and its uses in compiling GIS compatible topographic maps with various applications of GIS and DTM in mapping.


Advanced GIS Course 8 weeks

This course was designed to expose tools and commands of ArcGIS and applications of GIS in mapping for NSA staff working in field survey and collection of mapping data to prepare GIS compatible base maps (topographic maps).


Survey Technician Course:

This is full time 6 weeks course. In this course we cover basic theory of surveying with calculation required for determining coordinates from data captured through various techniques of surveying. Use and data collection with analysis and processing of leveling data and EDM traverse is exposed. Students are trained to run field exercises in leveling and traverse using Total station. During last weeks the techniques to collect digital data using survey instruments is exposed to compile or update maps.



English course:

This is 4 months beginners' English course offered to NSA staff to develop their English language skills.