Survey Policy in the Sultanate of Oman

1. In all cases where a contract is awarded to a company or other organisation, the name of the person directly responsible for delivering the survey project must be specified in contractual documentation. This person must be a Licensed Professional Surveyor. For the above reason, a government contract for the collection of geospatial data cannot be awarded directly to an organisation employing only non-licensed Surveying Technicians, or to non-licensed self-employed Surveying Technicians. However, it is permissible for a company to not directly employ a Licensed Professional Surveyor but to appoint a Licensed Professional Surveyor through a sub-contract or other arrangement, for the purposes of acting as the named Licensed Professional Surveyor.

2. Before any geospatial data collected or processed in the Sultanate of Oman can be considered to be valid, it must be accompanied by a Certificate of Acceptance (CoA) signed by a Licensed Professional Surveyor. The CoA is confirmation that the data has been subjected to relevant and sufficient quality assessment to assure NSA that the data conforms to all relevant policies, standards and specifications. Only a Licensed Professional Surveyor can sign a CoA. Any testing of the data carried out by NSA (or other competent body) which subsequently finds data not in conformance with policies, standards or specifications can result in sanctions being applied to the Licensed Professional Surveyor who signed the CoA. Such sanctions can ultimately include the suspension or cancellation of a licence.

3. Survey Data must be submitted in the formats and specifications approved by the NSA in the National Geospatial Data Policy of the Oman Geospatial Manual and the National Survey Database specifications that describe the formats and procedures to submit the data for editing before being incorporated into the National Survey Authority’s Database. The description of these horizontal and vertical specifications is included in the Oman Geospatial Manual.

4. Survey Data must be submitted to the acceptable accuracy identified in the National Survey Authority’s policy of geometric geodetic accuracy standards and specifications for using GPS relative positioning techniques.

5. Survey Data must be prepared in a suitable format as determined by the NSA and satisfy the minimum accuracy requirements for:

    a. 1st order horizontal accuracy standards of GPS or conventional horizontal surveys.

    b.  Category 2 of 2nd order vertical accuracy standards of conventional geodetic levelling.

    c.  1st order Gravity accuracy standards of gravity surveys.

6. Before submitting the survey data to the NSA, the supplier must verify the data standards and accuracy using the available National Geodetic Survey Scheme and enclose the data approval stages and their quality control certificate.

7. Survey monuments must be precisely and clearly earmarked on the ground and compatible with minimum relative standards. Specifications of these monuments must be submitted in a format that can be verified by NSA.

8. The original field records (or acceptable copies) along with survey data must be submitted to the NSA for retention in the national archive. These records shall be checked at the same time the survey data are reviewed. In case the records are not submitted, the National Survey Authority shall reserve the right to reject or disapprove the dissemination of data. If data are, otherwise, published they shall bear a disclaimer notice.

9. Beneficiaries of Oman National Continuous Operating Reference Stations Network (OMANCORSNET) services shall submit a report including plans on their survey work. This information is important for geodetic control and shall be presented in the required format.

10. Before starting the survey work, beneficiaries of Oman National Continuous Operating Reference Stations Network (OMANCORSNET) services shall submit the proposed work plan based on Oman National Geodetic Datum (ONGD), the equipments, and the planned field procedures. This will allow NSA to comment on the proposed plan using information available in its database pertaining to accuracy and circumstances of these points ensuring the conformity to minimum required accuracy standards and specifications. Once field survey reports are received, NSA will respond to the request within 10 working days.

11. NSA will verify the survey data forwarded for approval taking into consideration that these data have limited errors. If these errors exceed the acceptable limit (1% of whole survey work), data will be returned unapproved to the sender.

12. The field survey team will evaluate the received survey works and independently carry out necessary computations. All survey work related data (observations, survey monuments descriptions, levelling, reports ... etc) must be submitted to NSA. The supplier shall process and edit the data using their available software conform to those used in NSA.

13. NSA will approve the horizontal survey works in accordance with the most updated Global Positioning System (GPS) or the conventional land survey measurements edited according to ONGD. 14. NSA shall only accept the survey works that conform to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and edited using the most recent national geoid model. When new results of any geoid model are published, NSA will give a time limit for the old model-based survey works.