Joint Operations Graphic (JOG) 250k Project:
This project has seen the development of another mapping series being created within NSA. A range of sources are being used to create 1:250,000 scale maps covering the Sultanate of Oman and border areas. These are being produced within NSA and will be shared with the United Kingdom and the United States. The aim is to produce 33 sheets to international standards to provide RAFO and allied forces with detailed air navigation charts supporting air safety.
Major Tasks

Produce a data model in line with NSAs 1:50,000 and 1:100,000 data models.
Generalise 1:50,000 scale data to 1:250,000.
Cartographic edits on centerline data to ensure map legibility.
Ensure all data produced by the production team is checked and approved before QC submission.
Ensure all data is checked and assessed for quality and usability before QC submissions.
Review and enforce any corrections required after checks before publication.

To date the team has created a data model, standards of procedure and other supporting documents, and produced 7 high quality maps 1 of which has been submitted for checks.