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Geographical Information Services (GIS):

The Geographic Information Services (GIS) Branch is responsible for coordinating internal production processes, control over various classified/unclassified geographic information, aerial photographs and security of different geographic materials, further to keeping, storing, archiving and furnishing NSA with geographic information for its internal use as well as for MOD, civil ministries, other government for departments and consultants during their implementation to national projects. The GIS branch also engages in providing support to Production Branch through furnishing it with the source materials depending on its availability in the branch or via requesting some of these materials from other government bodies.
This branch is responsible for:
This branch is responsible for:
Supporting internal production
The control of classified geographic information and aerial photography
The security of geographic materials
The storage and provision of geographic information for internal use and for use by the Ministry of Defence, other security forces and Civil Ministries and consultants carrying out national projects.

The branch is also responsible for establishing and maintaining broad databases of all geographic information under its custody, as well as the checking, approving and controlling the correct depiction of the Sultanate of Oman on all maps produced within the Sultanate and Atlases imported from abroad.
The Branch encompasses the following sections:



It manages the following duties:.

Keeping and maintaining maps
Keeping and maintaining maps of war reserve
Supplying maps to various SAF units other security services
Furnishing civil maps to government ministries and contracted contractors and consultants per the NSA policy.

Aerial Photo Archive (APA):

It carries out the following responsibilities:

Keeping and archiving aerial photographs
Supplying government ministries and their contracted contractors and consultants with aerial photos
Carrying out security review operations and approving the use of photos
Providing security observers during the aerial photography operation
Issuing No Objection Certificate for a number of airborne activities such as hot air ballooning, hang gliding and free descents using parachutes and light aircraft.

At present, all the hardcopy aerial photos are being scanned and then the principal point of each photograph is digitized and added into the database. Every single principal point in the database is assigned a hyperlink connected to the respective scanned aerial photograph stored in the database. The line joining all the principal points called a sortie line (flight line) is also digitized and stored in the database as shown in following snapshot.


Geographic Place Name Section (GPN):

It carries out the following responsibilities:

Ensuring the correctness of geographic place names shown in every map
Transliteration of geographic place names by the use of the Arab Romanization system for converting Arabic names into English names (Latin)
Conducting field visits for GPN collection
Coordinating with Ministry of Interior, governorates and Wali’s offices with regard to approval of GPN
Establishing a database specific to geographic names.

At present, all the approved names are being converted into GIS format with the following additional information attached to them.

GPNs in English, Arabic and Diacritics
Governorate and Wilayat details
UTM and Geographic Coordinates
Scale, 1:50,000 sheet number, Source of GPN
Approval Status for Name and Coordinates
Text Size categories for Wilayat, Niyabat, Admin Centers and Villages to show their hierarchy on Map
Text Size categories for Major/Minor Wadis, Jabels etc.



Geographic Materials Library (GML):

The GML is considered a national archive library for the Sultanate in the GIS field and is responsible for collecting and archiving geographic materials and its provision when requested. The library holds various types of materials and documents such as all types of maps, original reproduction materials, satellite images, aerial photographs and technical reports (border survey, survey reports, specifications etc.).
It carries out the following responsibilities:

Receiving, storing and providing geographic information
Compiling and organizing the requested source material package by the Production Branch
Reviewing and approving maps before publication by any authority and ensuring the correct presentation of the Sultanate in imported maps prior to releasing them

Major Tasks
Technical advice to NSA sections internally and to customers externally including various government and service departments and commercial companies working on government projects
Central photocopying office to carry out photocopying, lamination and binding jobs for various documents and stationary coming from various Branches/Sections of NSA and other MOD departments.
Correspondence and provision of technical advice in matters relating to the demarcation of international boundaries and administrative divisions
Preparation of all correspondence and procedures required for flight clearance for aerial photography requests received at NSA by Photo Archive.
Classification of maps of various scales under the supervision of Map Depot to be issued to various services and security organisations in accordance with map issue vouchers
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